Who We Are

About the Voter Network

Our Vision

A Kansas political system that represents all of its constituents.

We believe this can be achieved by creating a culture of informed, enthusiastic Kansas voters, particularly within communities that have been routinely undermined by the political process.

The Problem

Even amongst record turnout years, 30% of Kansans still aren’t voting during presidential elections.

During local elections that number plummets to 20%. And, it’s an open-secret that campaigns direct most of their resources at people who vote regularly. This creates a crappy loop, where nonvoters don’t hear from candidates – even though they’re the people who need

The Solution

Friend-to-friend organizing to encourage a culture of voting.

Research has shown that you are much more likely to vote if your friends ask you to do it! So we are amplifying community voices by training teams of friends to empower their networks to vote (and we give them access to our innovative, data driven tool Voter to Voter).

Expanding access to nonpartisan election and candidate information. Voting can be intimidating, but finding all the information you need to be successful shouldn’t be. From getting registered to understanding mail-in ballots, we’ve got all the information you need to cast your ballot confidently in one place. You can also see a sample ballot, research (or Facebook creep) your candidates, and find your polling place on our bilingual tool, KSBallot.org.

Your Vote Matters

2020 Turnout Results

  • 91% turnout of Voter to Voter contacts vs 71% statewide turnout
  • 68% turnout of infrequent voter in Voter to Voter vs 48% turnout statewide

2019 Turnout Results

  • 48% turnout of Voter to Voter contacts vs 21% turnout statewide

Meet the Team

Our small but mighty team at The Voter Network is staffed year-round, assisted by the team at the Mainstream Coalition.

Lindsay Behgam


Lindsay is our Voter Engagement Director. Before starting with us, she worked for the Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, where she oversaw policy and project management. She’s also held roles in corporate community relations and on a number of Kansas political campaigns – at the local, state-wide and federal levels – including serving as Congressman Dennis Moore’s campaign manager for his 2008 re-election bid.

Madeline Cochran


Madeline is our Program Coordinator, working for us after conservation work in the Marshall Islands. She is happy to be back in her hometown where she has a history of volunteering for and working on local campaigns and hopes to create meaningful engagement that empowers and elevates underrepresented voices.

Board of Directors

The Voter Network is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who are dedicated, involved, and passionate people.

Larry Meeker, President
David Smith, Vice-President
Dr. Cindy Lane, Secretary
Kelli Oliver George, Treasurer
Mandi Hunter, At Large
Brandon Kenig, At Large
Ed Peterson, Past President